Express Group Parts Store

Ways to Shop with Express Group Online is linked directly to our ERP system so that you see real-time price and availability and your orders are processed quickly and efficiently Shop By Part Number You can key a partial part number in to our Site Search to find what you need, check price and availability, add to your Shopping Cart and Checkout.

Shop By Model and Type of Part

At you can easily shop without knowing your part number. Go to our "Shop Page" and first choose the manufacturer then the model that your part fits. When you have found the model you can narrow down the list of parts by selecting the type of part.

Shop Using Quick Cart

Save time when you are ordering multiple parts. If you know Express Group's part number or the manufacturer's Part Number, you can quickly key in multiple parts, one after the other, part number and quantity. Then you can Checkout to confirm availability.

Shop Using Buying Lists

Buying Lists make it easier to shop by giving you a personalised list of parts to shop from. All you need to do is save a Cart as a Buying List and give it a name. Then access your Buying Lists through the "My Account" information, on the "Buying Lists" tab.

Duplicate a previous Order

When you are viewing a previous Order you have the option to "Add to Cart" so that you can then just change quantities, add/delete items and then Checkout.